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Empowerment Coaching

I’ll be honest: coaching with me is a challenge. But it can also be fun. I’ll give you homework and expect you to do it. I’ll hang in there with you as we uncover and release your fears and other trapped parts of you. Our work will identify and build your intuition, resources, and superpowers. These processes will make you more present in your life so that you may take inspired, courageous, goal-achieving action. We’ll laugh together about how wild––and often hard—being a messy, imperfect human can be.

For new coaching clients, I typically recommend at least 6 months of 3-4 sessions per month to start. We can discuss other options if your situation is unique.

How It Works

Depending on our goals, we’ll have 3-4 sessions per month. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes though we might choose to do some longer sessions in order to go deeper with experiential practices. We’ll also connect via email or text between appointments as appropriate.

The Process

We’ll begin by thoroughly exploring who you are, where you are, what you want, and why you’re pursuing this growth at this time in your life.

I’ll teach and guide you through practicing effective tools to shift and heal on multiple levels. As you take steps towards change, we’ll be looking at the results together so we can fine-tune your process along the way. 

I’m honored to support and guide you in this process of recreating yourself and your life. I really believe that doing deep inner work like this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family/loved ones, and the world.

The greater peace will only come after the smaller peace we make within ourselves.

Chakra Clearing with Tapping

We come into this world a raw bundle of nerves. Then, we get bombarded by a world we don’t understand. Our life experiences, coupled with negative messaging from surrounding people and culture become our unconscious programming. This in turn manifests as habitual, ineffective coping strategies, low self-esteem, fears, reactivity, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and an inability to fulfill your authentic purpose in this life.

How It Works

This powerful process integrates visualization, self-hypnosis, and EFT tapping (acupressure therapy) to reveal and release any blocks in your chakra system. Put simply, it’s a guided self-healing process that hones in on core wounds, fears, and any other emotional blockages that keeps you stuck in a state of unhappiness, self-doubt, and/or anxiety.

The Process

I use this on my clients to discover which early experiences have created the fears that have been carried within their nervous systems throughout their lives. Some are fears they’ve known about and were never able to kick. Fears that have been holding them back in expressing their full being in the world. Fears that inhibited them in important relationships. Fears that kept them from pursuing opportunities and dreams. 

This process has and continues to release them. I see evidence of it in their everyday lives––the energy to move forward with new adventures without the doubt, procrastination, and avoidance they used to experience.

Each session results in greater clarity, release, and empowerment, clearing the old programming to allow the natural energy of empowerment to flow through and energize one’s whole system.

Ask me how this might be a powerful process of empowerment and freedom for you.

*Please note that this is not psychotherapy or medical treatment, nor is it a substitute for those services. This is a coaching process integrating mind-body techniques for personal growth. If I feel that you need psychotherapy or medical treatment, I will refer you to those services. Coaching is not billable to insurance. No results are guaranteed and vary by person. 


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