Spiritual Journey in Nature

You are an evolving expression of the Universe in this world. What parts of you do you want to unfold and how are you being called to express yourself? The Spiritual Journey in Nature will likely be calling you if you consider yourself someone who is an empath, intuitive, and/or feel at one in or with nature but have been feeling restless with life, needing direction, and due for a change, healing, growth, or self-actualization. This process is also valuable if you are approaching a life transition or must make a major decision, dealing with or recovering from a serious or chronic illness, or just someone desiring to deepen their spiritual connection to life and work.

 How it Works

Your journey begins as soon as we schedule the day and the place for it. You’ll be processing questions, intentions, and purpose. We’ll be connected in the Energetic Field and our higher selves will be communicating about what you need to experience on your Spiritual in Nature Journey. 

This transformational journey includes a Preparation Call to set intentions for the purpose of your day, the SPIRIT Day, and 3-4 follow-up calls for the integration process.

Why Do This Journey With Me?

I’ve led thousands of people through their inner and outer transformations; it is my life’s work and my Soul’s purpose. I bring more than 20 years of education, training, and practice in psychology, mindfulness meditation, energy medicine, teaching, and mental health fields. I bring presence and insights as a gifted empath and intuitive. I’m skilled at sensing and moving energy in the body. I tap into those on the other side who are wanting to communicate with and guide you. I’m also a human who, like you, has been navigating the struggles, pains, and joys of being in this human existence. I’m excited to create a sacred space and to help facilitate this journey with you.

Why in Nature?

Many spiritual traditions teach us that we’re One with all things. Physics demonstrates that this is true. The elements that combine to become our bodies are indivisible from the energy that is the fabric of the entire Universe. 

Most of us only get a glimpse of this from time to time when we are in nature. Perhaps it looks like witnessing a glorious sunset or baby birds peeping heads over their nest’s edge. The majesty of an elk stag or the immense presence of an old-growth tree. Maybe it’s just the unparalleled beauty of a tiny flower blossom on the forest floor. 

The exquisite detail and beauty of our natural world are undeniable yet most of us busy ourselves through our days without a pause to breathe, notice, absorb, or honor it. In actuality, nature is a portal for connecting deeply with ourselves and can help us tune in to our innate wisdom. 

This is the purpose of a Spiritual In Nature Journey.

What Will the Day Include?

The day will be uniquely yours and will include many of the types of experiences listed below. We will tailor all activities to your situation, needs, and abilities.

  • Short rituals to mark the thresholds of the process
  • Engaged conversation and processing throughout the day
  • Time for journaling throughout the day
  • The 7 jewels meditation
  • Energy work
  • Mindful lunch
  • Meditative nature walk
  • Processing and identification of your next steps
  • Closing ritual

Benefits You Might Experience:

  • Much needed quietness for your mind, body, and soul
  • Grounding and balancing of your energy systems
  • Reconnection with your Spirit and its quiet voice
  • Insights about your current situation and next steps forward
  • Insights into your life’s purpose
  • Insights into what you may need for healing mind and/or body
  • Insights into your place in the world
  • Insights into the meaning of you and your life
  • A new appreciation for the natural world
  • A greater sense of connection both with the natural world and your spiritual self
  • New practices that will support your mind, body, and spirit going forward
  • Illumination for your path forward

Resource Investment 

  • Time – We’ll be investing time before, during, and after your SPIRIT Day. I’ll be sending you some information in preparation and some ideas or questions to meditate on as you prepare. I will also be doing prep work for our time together. I’ll be meditating and connecting with you energetically as we prepare for your day. Your SPIRIT Day will be approximately 8 hours. Some people may finish earlier, and some may take a little longer. You will also need processing time after our day together. Your learning, insights, and expansion will continue to unfold over the days, weeks, and perhaps months following your SPIRIT Day. You’ll see the outline of follow-up calls and we’ll discuss what that process might look like for you.
  • Energy – We will both be bringing heart energy to this endeavor. I’ll be working with you energetically beginning when we schedule a date for your SPIRIT Day. Part of your preparation for your day will be softening and releasing whatever levels of resistance you can. Any resistance that you might have (and we all tend to have some unconscious resistance at different levels) will not prevent me from working with you on all levels. There’s potential that you might not recognize your growth and insights if there’s too much fear in your system. Have no worries, however, you will absolutely receive everything you need during your SPIRIT Day. It might not be what you wanted or hoped for, but it will be exactly what you need at the time. Whatever comes for you during that day will also unfold over some time. Trust the Universe and its process for you.
  • Honesty – This is a lot about authenticity, presence, fear, and resistance (which is fear). My job and intention are to create a sacred space where you feel safe to receive whatever work, insights, and gifts the Universe has for you on your SPIRIT Day.
  • Presence – We will both do our best to be fully present in the process of your SPIRIT Day. It’s in Presence that Freedom is revealed. It’s in Presence that we connect to the Love and Energy of the Universe. It’s in Presence that we tap into our authentic selves. When we’re present, we can receive all the goodness meant for us and the guidance to move as we’re called. This work is a calling for me and I’ll be there to support you in yours.
  • Financial – We’re coming together to do some important work for you and for the Highest Good. You are investing time, energy, honesty, presence, as well as monetary resources. I’m investing time, energy, honesty, presence, as well as my extensive resources of knowledge, experience, skills, gifts, and desire to support healing in the world. It is a coming together to co-create and it’s an exchange. I’m currently keeping the cost lower because this offering is new. Payment of $1100 will be due when we schedule your Preparation Call.

Following your SPIRIT Day, we’ll schedule at least three 45-minute calls to continue processing what has emerged from your Spiritual in Nature Journey. We’ll talk about practices to continue your process and how to integrate the revelations into your life.


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